My pedigree line, Kennel Club registered, is bred for health, temperament and looks, they love people and children and are good with other dogs.

I favour the long coated German Shepherd dog. I do not breed the ‘Show’ Standard dog.


As a German Shepherd Dog breeder I have been specialising exclusively in German Shepherd since 1997.

I took the Pedigree line from my Mothers (Affix: Kaylee, now Davkalee) who had been breeding this glorious animal since the mid 1970’s with which she and my father worked obedience and agility trials. As a result I have been around the breed since Birth and therefore I am well acquainted with the German Shepherd Dog.

I decided to continue with the German Shepherd as I have found it to be such a versatile dog its abilities range from the working dog: Guard Dog, Obedience dog, Agility dog, Herding dog, to the household pet providing good old fashioned unconditional love and life long companionship.

German Shepherds were bred as one person dogs, so they could work focused solely to their handlers commands, but are versatile enough that in the Human family ‘pack’ he will follow the chain of command down the line until it reaches itself.

Mission Statement

My Mission as NICOLEE is to offer a quality ‘Pedigree German Shepherd Dog’ with health tested parentage, that would give you his all in work or just being a friend. My dogs well being is at the forefront of my efforts.

Nicolee are proud to hold a 5 Star Council License and to be members of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.